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Dr. Laura Lewis

What is the best way to walk alongside someone challenged by an unexpected pregnancy?

Has your uncertainty caused you to step aside or remain silent when you felt you should have done more? The tension surrounding the issue of abortion has caused many to retreat rather than lean in with the hope and compassion of Christ.

More Than One Choice captures the lessons and insights of a physician who found grace, compassion, and faith while wrestling with one of society’s most challenging matters.

Dr. Laura Lewis

My Story

For twenty-two years, I worked as a family physician, providing a wide range of primary health care from the beginning to the end of life. It was a privilege to do so. During that time, I saw many young women who were challenged with an unexpected pregnancy, some of whom felt very overwhelmed and pressured by their circumstances and fears. What they needed was information and support, support that was not available from me or any other service in our town. It was the support they needed to be empowered to make their own well-informed pregnancy decision because every decision before them, whether to parent, place for adoption, or have an abortion, was a life-impacting one. This awareness led me to help establish a pregnancy care centre in our town. And through this experience, I saw the power of practical, compassionate, and non-judgmental support.

More Than One Choice reviews

"Dr. Laura has written a book that goes beyond the intended title, that of the Abortion Crisis. This book captures and articulates beautifully the human experience with a loving God without judgement or criticism. It is written with such a gentleness and grace so it welcomes the reader in, to look deeper and see the uniqueness and value of every human being whether you are person of faith or not. If you find yourself or someone you know trying to navigate a difficult journey of the unexpected, this book definitely offers you More Than One Choice"


"A remarkable guide to help anyone comprehend the complexities of an unexpected pregnancy. Full of helpful insights and practical tools that the reader can immediately apply. Well-written and inspiring, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking to engage in difficult conversations in a meaningful, respectful, and grace-filled way."


Blog Posts

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