April 2, 2020

by Laura Lewis MD, CCFP

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ― Jimmy Dean

Navigating chaos with innovation, kindness, and simplicity.

There is something about the innate goodness of humankind that replenishes us when facts do not. In the midst of mounting COVID-19 infections and a seeming lack of control over a disease not yet understood – the simple stories of kindness remind us of our capacity to still care for and serve others – to be kind just because.

For those of us with a faith foundation, in times of uncertainty we anchor ourselves in the unwavering hope of our God in whom we trust and Who gives us peace in the storm. Others may have different ways to settle the storm in their hearts. In these turbulent times, I have witnessed the power of good news to bridge our differences and connect us as people– connecting people in need and people who may be afraid with people who are stepping into the chaos to help.

The good news stories push through the social media feed because they feed our hope – the elderly man singing through a nursing home window to his beloved; the pregnancy care centre volunteer dropping off diapers to a single mom in need; the exhausted doctor whose face is bruised from the protective mask yet pushing on because of the need; the parking lot of a community hospital transformed into a worship service.

So beautiful.

Good news stories highlight the kindness that reaches us all. These “simple” acts can be overlooked in the busyness of life. But in times of uncertainty, kindness shines bright and is a currency that has no boundaries of geography, politics, faith, or opinion.

I think we’re seeing something here. As the layers of life are reduced and simplified, so too are the divisions. Ultimately we are all people with a capacity to love and care for others. Kindness builds a bridge and unites us.

We have an opportunity to navigate the COVID-19 storm with kindness and compassion. And my hope is that when a new normal is established, we remember the glue of basic human kindness that has bridged many gaps.

Every day across our nation, local pregnancy care centre staff and volunteers respond and help those in need—they are an essential service in their communities. They are bearing good news and building bridges with kindness. I encourage you to reach out to them—send a thank you, pray for them, donate to their work. Let’s all help where we can.


Originally published on the Pregnancy Care Canada blog