Nobody likes to talk about abortion. Abortion is a tragedy, and the conversation is emotionally charged. Yet, the reality of abortion and its effects cannot be ignored. The church needs to face a difficult reality: we need to preach the truth of God’s Word about the intrinsic value of all human life while extending love to many women in our congregations who may have chosen to end a pregnancy.

Abortion is very much a spiritual issue. Abortion ends the life of a human being created in the image of God.1 This truth must be preached. Yet, equally correct is the certainty that abortion deeply hurts many women, leaving them with lifelong scars emotionally, mentally, relationally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically.

Any pregnancy loss brings grief. Women who have terminated their pregnancy also experience this grief, except it may be suppressed for reasons such as shame or fear of judgment. Unresolved grief can be traumatizing, and inward struggles can lead to dysfunctional and self-destructive behaviour. Within the church, women who have terminated a pregnancy can feel disqualified from having a deeper faith journey.

This begs the question: “How can the church speak mercy, forgiveness, healing, and grace to the woman who has experienced an abortion so she can embrace the freedom and love promised to all who trust in Jesus Christ?”

[excerpt from Healing Conversations booklet – available at]