December 2018

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan with the Christian Advocacy Society. As a small team of three, we covered a lot of Japan in a short time span: 8 seminars, 6 cities, and 9 days!

The purpose of the trip was to provide education regarding post-abortion grief and to create awareness of the need for post-abortion support. We spoke in churches, at a seminary, a university, and a hospital. We spoke to pastors, teachers, midwives, physicians, and others. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet many like-minded individuals living across the world, speaking a language I could not understand but believing the same gospel hope that knows no boundaries. 

Pregnancy Care Canada’s Healing Conversations video and booklet were translated into Japanese, allowing us to use these valuable tools in our various presentations and leave them as resources for the seminar participants to share with their churches.

The Japanese version of the Healing Conversations booklet is available here. (English resources can be found here)

In the early stages of this trip, I had some questions and uncertainties – will the Japanese participants be open to our message? Will our teachings on post-abortion grief and unintended pregnancy be relevant in a different culture? Will we have an impact?

We went to Japan in obedience and faith. As much as we were able, we sowed seeds of truth. We may not have known the full impact of such a trip, compassion, and mercy, but I believe we completed our mission.

Small ripples of hope and change. They have to start somewhere, and I believe some started with us!