How to love and support an unexpected pregnancy

What is the best way to walk alongside someone challenged by an unexpected pregnancy?

Has your uncertainty caused you to step aside or remain silent when you felt you should have done more? The tension surrounding the issue of abortion has caused many to retreat rather than lean in with the hope and compassion of Christ.

More Than One Choice captures the lessons and insights of a physician who found grace, compassion, and faith while wrestling with one of society’s most challenging matters.

Whatever your past or perspective, More Than One Choice will help you engage with kindness, confidence, and sensitivity with anyone navigating an unexpected pregnancy or prior abortion.

Who is this book for?

I wrote this book with four kinds of people in mind. The first person is a Christian who may turn away from the abortion discussion either due to uncertainty or a sense of inadequacy in communicating with grace on what can feel like a battlefield.

The second person is the individual who is carrying sorrow and loss from an abortion and seeking the spiritual and emotional healing that is possible through Jesus Christ.

The third person is the one who may lean into the discussion on abortion with conviction but lacks grace. The one who may be factually correct but unintentionally wounds the wounded and brings further division to an already challenging debate.

The fourth person is someone who, like me before I knew Jesus, may have never considered Christianity to be anything more than a self-help community. I pray that in reading this book, they will find threads of truth, hope, and freedom that will lead them to discover the Prince of Peace.

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As one who was adopted and has held the hand of someone who chose to abort and love them through it, and as one who worked in a ministry with women post abortion. As a woman who faced an unexpected pregnancy at the age of 30 with two children already and was practically forced by the medical community to abort very matter of factly and also suggested to do so by well-meaning friends and family due to a medical situation. I hung on for dear life to trust only God and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy whose life I treasured for 23 years.  

Thank you. This book blessed my heart.

More Than One Choice captures and articulates so beautifully the human experience with a loving God that goes even beyond the intended title, that of the abortion crisis; it is a crisis of humanity—a crisis of choice. 

The Challenge is always there but so masterfully layeredscripture is woven in – a gentleness and grace – a supernatural tone that welcomes the reader to come in closer, look deeper, and SEE  the uniqueness of every person, their value and preciousness through the eyes of a safe and loving Saviour.

I believe this book will lead many to Salvation through  His Kindness caught with your pen and will transform the hearts of All who read it. 

About the author

After working twenty-two years as a family physician, Dr. Laura Lewis stepped into the challenging domain of unexpected pregnancies. Spurred by a belief that we can and must do better, she left her medical practice to serve as the leader of Pregnancy Care Canada, a national, faith-based, best practice network of local pregnancy care centres.