Many people probably have a preconceived idea of who goes to a pregnancy care centre – a teenage girl who has a “risky” lifestyle. In reality, the scope of clientele is much broader. Unplanned pregnancy crosses all boundaries; no demographic is not affected in some way.


Many people wonder who goes to a pregnancy care center, and they might have a preconceived idea that it is a teenage girl who has had risky lifestyle choices. Indeed it could be her, and pregnancy care centers are there to help her. However, the demographic of people impacted by an unplanned pregnancy is diverse. No group is spared from having to navigate some of these difficult waters.

It could be a college-age student who can’t see pregnancy on her timeline or a middle-aged woman who feels she is done having her babies. It could be an immigrant whose culture would reject her if they knew that she’d had premarital sex, a young man who wants to learn how to be a better father, or a woman who had an abortion in her past because she felt like she had no other choice. It could also be a parent or grandparent trying to walk alongside a loved one as they navigate these difficult decisions.

The truth is that many different types of people seek help from pregnancy care centers, but what they are all looking for is help, resources, and hope at a very challenging time in their lives.